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Marriage is a collaboration of 2hearts that join 2gether 2overcome the obstacles

By For Healthy Marriages

 As Healthy Marriage Advocates we often teach that in Conflict Resolution we must learn to be respectful when we disagree; we must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.  If we love the person we must love them after the conflict.  Now with that said, lately our email and phone has blown up with questions about where we stand on the recent decision regarding Same Sex Marriage.

Our background is a God centered marriage. We believe that this marriage circle consist of one Man and one Woman union. This union was established to ensure the reproduction of our species.  We know that some will say that our decision is wrong and to them we say that we must respectful disagree. We hope that your disagreement with us is also respectful.

Remember that marriage is an honorable institution and should not be entered into lightly. Hard work, time, understanding, love and much forgiveness is needed to have a Happy and Healthy Marriage.   

 Our purpose is to re-engage and educate couples about the benefits of marriage and not just marriage but a healthy marriage:

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